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Similar to fugly, the f appended to the front of the word epic stands for "fucking epic". Used to describe something that is breathtaking, displaying manliness or general bravado, or something having proportionally larger levels of awesomeness than your average awesome thing such that it is worthy of an "f for fucking" prefix.
Holy shit, that movie about the Spartans was fepic.
by JollyWaters April 11, 2007
Originally used to describe "fucking epic" tricks, Fepic's meaning has grown to include any act, person or situation that manifests the infinite power of the universe in a positive way. Fepic is choosing to act. It is choosing acceptance and love over doubt and fear in any situation that challenges one's comfort zone. A fepic mentality channels positive energy into all aspects of life.
Wow, this big air competition is fepic!
by redendo August 13, 2010
Fucking Epic
A Double Rainbow is epic, a Triple Rainbow is fepic.
by smurfy15 August 06, 2010
When a fat person does something extraordinarily out of character and amazingly epic. Usually something athletically out of nature for a fat body to be able to do.
Tony: Did you see that fat guy on YouTube do a B-Twist?

Brian: Yeah man it was unbelievable!! Then he did a backflip! It was so totally Fepic!!!

Tony: Yeah his fepicness levels are over 9000!!!!

Brian: What 9000?!?!
by akogi1987 December 03, 2011
Fucking Epic.
That my good sir, is fepic!
by IncorrectPassword October 10, 2011
Fucking epic.
by F'EPIC June 02, 2011
The combination of the words "fucking" and "epic" meaning that the act or person is fucking epic. Fucking epic is a far stronger word than epic and is used when the term epic will not suffice. This word was created by Nick one of the founding brothers of the Society of Nar at the start of 2008. Although the word was originally only used by the brothers and sisters of Nar it has since become popular all over youtube.
"That video by Nick sure was fepic, NAR"
by Christopher Leben July 07, 2008

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