A nasty hot dog eaten by loser fans of a loser baseball team. Its going to be another 86 years before they win another world series. Call it the curse of damon.
Whats more fun than seeing the sox lose while eating a crapy fenway frank.
by Jeter Meter May 25, 2006
Top Definition
While two grown men are docking, a third lucky individual comes along and takes a bite.
Hey man, I was tired of those two dudes docking, so I fenway franked them and they stopped!
by seoman August 01, 2011
A steamed hot dog from Fenway Park (they do sell them instores now too) VERY GOOD.
-- what do you want for dinner?
-- a fenway frank and a pretzel.
by wickedNH February 06, 2004
A delicious hotdog delicacy that is a symbol for the world series winning team, and the overall amazing, Boston Red Sox! This one of a kind treasure is eaten by the cool, classy, fun, smart, people known as Red Sox Fans (includes most New Englanders) others try to stand up to this extraordinary hot dog but soon come to realize that it is impossible to beat. The Fenway Frank is sure to go down in history.
What could be better than watching the Sox kick butt, while chomping down on one of the world's greatest hotdogs, a fenway frank? The answer: Nothing.
by TheTrueNewEnglander February 23, 2010
delicious hot dog served in the great ball park in America. Boiled with mustard and pickle relish.

^^^^^^^ And that's funny because they won it again in '07 Jeter Meter
fenway frank is such a good hot dog. One of my favorites!
by Sox Faithful July 05, 2011
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