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A person who does not treat a friend as friend but more like a enemy
Paris and Lindsay Lohan are childhood friends but Paris will put their friendship aside and put Lindsay down in public for her gain in Popularity they are Fenemies
#enemies #friends #fenememies #firendster #untrustworthy
by JosephSells February 11, 2008
An acquantance whom one occasionally displays hatred towards, a superior negative form of 'frenemy' with the 'r' removed to disclose less of the 'friend' and more of the 'enemy' in this noun.
'You look like enemies on the surface but i'm sure underneath you're friends'
'yes, he is my fenemy'
#fenemy #frenemy #fenemies #frenemies #friend #enemy
by n00bie16 May 26, 2007
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