An addendum to my definition: CBS did not drop the Fender name in '69. That happened in '75. In '69, the silver-topped pianos, still bearing the Fender name, became the black-finished Mk 1 stage and suitcase series. Two very important years for Rhodes indeed. Then came the flat-topped Mk 2, etc. post-CBS. The last electric (tine/tuning fork) piano Rhodes produced was the Mk V in 1984.
Oops, I confused the major Rhodes developments of '69 and '75!! I'm a chumpah.
by The Rev. Eighty-Eight Fingers Butler September 15, 2004
Top Definition
a piano made from 1965 to the early 80s. Electro mechanical, sounds by means of tines, tone bars, and pickups. Rhodes was not used in "money" that was a wurlitzer 200A
joni mitchell has rhodes on "the hissing of summer lawns"
by j December 20, 2003
a really intense, old keyboard that i want. i think its the keyboard in "money."
omg i made a synth that sounds like a fender rhodes. bah i want the real one tho.
by unusu-al September 06, 2003
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