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From "FEMinine" + "PROgenitor": a woman who has given birth to a child but is too selfish, too neurotic, or too narcissistic to be a mother to the child she has produced. To be used in place of "mother" or "mom," etc.
"I tried to tell my fempro that I have terminal cancer and only two months to live, but she just kept whining about her toenail fungus."

"Fempro, I know you never wanted me and I'm a completely worthless child; and I understand that the dog shit on the bottom of your shoe is more intelligent and better looking than me; and I realize that I'm just like my good-for-nothing father, but can't I please have my lunch money? The school bus is here!"
by Murray825 July 21, 2010
A crotchety old woman unwilling to accept the truth. Known to rationalize the actions of a maspro with the words "you were a sexual child".
My grandmother is a fempro.
by AthenaMarie July 18, 2010
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