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1. noun: David, an impostor, also a liar, thief and falsifier. Also see: Ms Diane
2. Pronoun: A claimer of dominance, but mearly a follower.
3. Verb: Wishabe. wish it was a girl, but to cowardly to become one.
4. noun: Failure. Makes many claims and fails miserably to show evidence when confronted for the truth. Coward. Ignores those who demand to know the truth, and calls those who know it liars
Ms Diane: David is my ex-husbands name, not mine.
Ms Diane: I'm a post-op hermaphrodite
by Diane February 01, 2005
A bullshitter to the max, she tells others her lies, gets them to believe her, then turns around and downgrades them to others. She/He also changes his/her chat nickname to try to elude the truth about her/himself.
Uses names like femmdyke_'##', femmdyke'##', mistress_femmdyke'#', and more as she tries to hide her/himself and the truth. Normally in a chat room a Dominant 'Capitalizes' (ie. 'MistressDominatrix')there nick and submissives leave them in small lettering (ie. asubmissive').
"Being a Foxy ANATOMICAL CORRECT A-Sexual Hermaphrodite GG,LESBIAN!"
(how is that possible?, to be a A-Sexual Hermaphrodite GG)
by Diane February 03, 2005
noun: Deluded crossdresser, often self conceited, self consuned
also see Ms Dianefor more
by moon goddess February 03, 2005
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