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A feminist male or female who is generally a pain in the ass both online and in real life. They are in a constant state of self imagined oppression and victimhood, and refuse to take on contradictory evidence that proves their blinkered views wrong. They are generally incaple of reasoned and logical debate of any kind and can often be seen online shouting "cishet scum", "patriarchy", "muh sonjany" and everyones favourite "rape apologist" to anyone who makes the mistake of trying to engage with them on any intellectual level.

Don't ask one out for a coffee in a lift, make a joke near them about dongles, offer them a go on a video game where you rescue a woman or tell them they are to fat to fit in an aircraft seat.
Sparty says he was debating online and a massive femherroid came out of nowhere and accused him of "mind rape" and "misogyny", but don't worry they think everything is misogyny
by sparty uafc June 25, 2014
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