A male, typically under the age of 30, who presents feminine mannerism and often dresses in clothing that is designated for females. This is not to be confused with a sissy, nor a cross dresser. Most femboys are androgynous, and can easily pass for male or female. Femboys are most often found on the Internet, as this form of cross dressing is found as a taboo by society. The term femboy can be used to describe young gay men or weak boys, often as a derogatory term. Femboys can be of any sexuality, gender identity, or background.

Most femboys have naturally smaller, curvy bodes, others have a muscular tone, giving them a more androgynous look. Often times, femboys can be found within furry art, or in furry communities, and even anime and manga.

The difference between cross dressers and femboys is, a femboy is often younger, and more flamboyant, where as a crossdresser is 18-30 and usually more experienced and passable.
John: "Hey man will you help me pick out some new high heels?"
Sally: "Wait, are you a cross dresser?"
John: "Nah, I'm a {femboy}, there's a difference."
by Lost in a Dream June 12, 2016
One who blurs the line between boy and girl ; John
Jaten: I slept with John last night..
Gil: He's a femboy!
Trevor: That's gay as heck!!1!
by fuhruhers April 01, 2015
The male counterpart of a tomboy. A femboy is NOT a sissy! Femboys like to pick out their own clothes, sculpt their eyebrows and occasionally wear makeup or crossdress on halloween (they always have a million ideas for costumes). Femboys are NOT that asshole poser you know who straightens his hair everyday. They have an androgynous appearance but they are not that girly. They DON'T have a gay lisp, and they NEVER bitch or moan. They're bisexual but know better than anyone else how 2 make u blush. A femboy will take u on a date someplace u actually wanna be at. Their close friends are mostly dudes, femboys are NOT womanizers they are sensitive and romantic, probably lonely. Sometimes they have long-hair or wear tight pants but a femboy knows that the color pink is gay and that studded belts and wristbands are 4 lame faggots. Sometimes listen to 1999 emo music (no poser shit). They like to dance but they don't know how to, they're shy sometimes. Femboys hate insects and team sports. Femboys aren't muscular IRL but they are tough cuz, they beat the entire dungeon in a tube top and sheer miniskirt. Twink-homos are jealous bullies of femboys. A femboy will fight you if you call them gay or metrosexual.
"Terry the femboy doesn't go to parties on a Saturday night, instead he wears tube socks while reading ghost stories on his bedroom floor."
by deth2ALLtrends May 09, 2015
femboy is a kind of ladyboy, but have no feminine breasts and haven't taken enough hormones to give them some of the softer curves that you see in many natural women.
mo is a beautiful thai femboy.
by buu January 22, 2008
My boyfriend, with all of his outward denials and inner conflicts. Longing everyday of his life for a man to lift his skirt and fulfill every fantasy and desire he has.
(had to categorize under SEX not LOVE because he does have LOVE for me after 2yrs together. But truth be told he could never LOVE me when he cannot even stand to touch me. It is all about the SEX.)
by A. Forster December 28, 2003
Young pre-op FTM transgendered person that's already psychologically male.
I used to have an older sister. Now I have a femboy brother to watch anime with.
by Rex Inanis August 12, 2007
A male who would gladly cut off his own penis or walk into a gas chamber if a feminazi asked him to. See Steve Jones
"I think all men should be killed" - Steve Jones
by eps August 25, 2003
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