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Felch burger is when a person has ejaculated into someones arse suked it out and then re-deposited it into a burger
(generally given to old people in hospitals as they are laking in nutrients)
man these felchburgers are good grandson what is in them
by Vigilant spoon July 11, 2006
The codename for this guy I know. He is kind of like a mixture of zorro and Minut Bull, except he loves stickning burgers in his ass and having people eat them out of his ass. This is also what this act is called (example, give me a burger felch please!) Also, he is also not a large black man even though he likes to be felched by them.
Man, all felch burger does is felch burgers and eat Chinese food in the woods. He sniffs glue and molests Tony Danza's children. He is Craig Nelson, Felch Burger aka Felcher extrordanaire. IM: CRAYZ1235
by CJ Studebaker November 27, 2004

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