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Same thing as a fag, but usually younger, weaker, and more annoying.
Wow Angelo has another bloody nose, what a feggle.

by Dane H January 20, 2008
1. A bagel for fegs. Mostly eaten by feggots.

2. Another word for someone whos really gay.
1. me: Hey, carmen, what are you eating?
Carmen: Just a bagel and cream cheese.
me: More like a feggle and cr33m ch33z, you feggot. i r so cool. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOOLOLOLOOLOLOOL.

2. Carmen: Yeah, so i was too scared to tell that girl that i like her because im too much of a puss to make a move.
me: yeah. your a total feggle. im pretty sure your gay. like really homosexual. hahahahahahahahaha, i r so gud.
by nick r so c00l February 12, 2008
It means modern day teenager i.e. 14 year old who smokes, 12 year old who gets pregnant every other day.
Guy 1: Did you hear that she got pregnant again?
Guy 2: But she's 10!
Guy 1: I know she's a right feggle.
by Nine300 June 02, 2014
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