Used repeatedly in bursts of 3 to 4 as a shortened exclamation of "fair enough."
"I held it together pretty well last Saturday, right?" "Dude, you were trashed and puked in my backyard." "fefefefefefe"
by slim diddy January 15, 2010
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Originating in Chicago; a slang word that is defined as "a party". Generally a block or house party.
Throw that Fe Fe on the block.

Damn that Fe Fe was hot.

Bring the thotties to the Fe Fe.
by PimpUhDaErf March 25, 2014
'fee-fee'; Noun; 1. A contraption, commonly used by prisoners, usually made out of common household materials such as cloth and paper towles that is used for manual sexual stimulation.;
2. Noun; A frequently used name for a pet.
How doo you likeaa yeorr feeefeee?
by TenL July 15, 2003
Mexican prison term for a fake pussy. like dildo, except it is a vagina.
Pedro mailed his mother a letter saying he wanted her to have her pussy enmolded and to send the product to him, along with a bottle of lube.
by Casey(Crimsonrain02 on AIM) April 14, 2003
Is that your fefe?-Is that your lady?
Im going to hang out with my fefe today.- Im going to hangout with my girlfriend.
by Bdii December 18, 2010
I cant stand that fefe.
by savvy. August 30, 2009
An person who uses way to much vasoline and porno mags at the same time.
Whack...Whack...Whack... cut that out Fe Fe
by #42 September 20, 2005

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