contraction of female-ejaculation. See preej.
"I've never feejed, but I saw it in Carol Queen's video." "She feejed all over the ceiling fan!"
by thebunnyhorse December 01, 2004
Top Definition
Short for 'footjob'.

The act of maturbating a male using only your feet.
"Jenny has such good foot muscles. I would bet a million dollars that she gives pro feejs."
by Mark Hop January 06, 2007
a word referring to the substance produced by a female during female ejaculation (or feejing), which smells earthy or, possibly, buttery, and has the consistency of urine, but is not in any way urine.
1. lesbians wear boots so that when they go to lesbian bars their socks won't soak up all the feej on the floor.

2. i'm going to lose my security deposit if i don't paint over all this feej.
by criffer May 02, 2006
Same as saying "Fag," but can be said in front of a mixed crowd without offending many. Pronounced as in "Fiji", without the last "I"
Guy 1) Wow look at that limp-wristed bitch
Guy 2) Yah man, total feej
by Jambie711 February 05, 2014
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