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If you want to use the derogative term commonly connected to homosexuals, this word can be used in its place as to not offend homosexuals.
Dood, you are such a feegit
by J Dubbs February 14, 2005
Feegit (Fea-get) comes from the word "faggot" but it means stupid, annoying or just in general a dick but can be used as a playful word with friends as it is made to make fun of those that use the word "fag" or "faggot" all of the time online but never really have a good reason or exclaiming that someone is actually homosexual. It is usually used along with the word "fak" which is a version of "fuck" only making fun of it in a "nerdy" way. The word isn't used to describe someone who is gay.
Friend1: "You are such a feegit!"
Friend2: "Heh heh, you too Jeff."
by DaPootisMan February 24, 2014
word used to descrive something incredibly sexy. can also be used as a pronoun.
damn! feegit fosho!
by giosanunfeegit October 28, 2008
abbreviation of fucking eegit. An insulting term meaning your stupid or thick. Made popular by podge and rodge
mossy: I think i broke my car!
johnny: I think your a feegit!
by pa ward August 24, 2007

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