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Fedghetto: An urban area run as a Totalitarian Police and Welfare State by the central Government as a way to support the bloated population after the collapse of the Cornucopian Age. These may be called something along the lines of "Emergency Housing Districts", "Enhanced Security Zones", or "Warm and Fuzzy All American Apple Pie and Definitely Not Concentration Camps We Promise Happy Places". For your security, there will be check-points to keep terrorists out. You'll be asked to leave all weapons at home, where they'll be safe as the National Guard watches over your neighborhood. It's only a temporary situation, after all. A definition commonly referenced in the LATOC lexicon
Oldhorseman was the first one to write up about the Fedghettos, now everyone knows about it.

I'm not going to any fedghetto, they'll have to take me by force- I'm staying on the outside!!!
by peak oiler January 03, 2008
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