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When a woman puts the fear of God into you, and at the same time turns you on.

A woman could be intimidating, scary, or even just irritable.
However, she still may give you a boner.
Stacie just about ripped my head off, but now I got a Fear-rection.
by majorbro May 04, 2011
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Erection caused by fear or by being yelled at
After our female boss reprimanded us I totally got a fearrection
by mjones1128 May 18, 2011
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from the words "fear" and "erection," a fearrection is an instance where sudden and unpredicted fear elicits a prompt fear-induced erection. This can be caused either by feeling a lack of control or a sudden burst of adrenaline or exhilaration.
Driving that Ferrari gave me a fearrection
by Double Haas May 21, 2014
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fear that causes a sudden boner promo.
not to be confused with bonerphobia
that scream gave me a fearrection
by 24ks May 10, 2011
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