Exactly what you think it is...
without the U
In other words "fuck"
Mom: Jimmy take out the garbage!

Jimmy: I don't fcking want to!


by Angelickiddy August 06, 2009
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It means fuck, used in chatboxes or webboards (BBS) where "fuck" is censored.
fckmew = fuck Mew
mewfcker = Mew fucker
fckinmew = fucking Mew
by kkrit ilovewasa November 12, 2006
Scenester Word ,, HellYes ,, I Swear Where Taking Over The World ,,

Fuck Is Normally Changed To either ..

Fck or Fxck ,, Depending On What Floats Your Boat.

Used On Myspace ,, Bebo ,, Blogging ,, Texting ,, BlahBlahBlah ,, =/

Scenesteeerrrr: FckingHellYourSoWemo; ,,
WemoKidd: fuck off i am not ..
Scenesteeerrrr: WhereTheFckIsYourCaps&&Abbrev??
by LiviLiviLivi May 16, 2007

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