A gay fag. It's a mixture of the two terms, hence fayg.
Jerry: Tom, you're such a fayg.
Tom: Oh yeah? You're the biggest fayg this side of the fayg valley you fayg faygin gay fayg guy. Fayg.
by Wesley Durrance September 16, 2005
Top Definition
The way a guy from Brooklyn says the word "Fag".
I'm Surrounded by faygs!
by Cheesebadger July 11, 2005
Say it with an accent . . . FAY-G. not so offense way of alling your friend a homo.
Ivan you're such a fayg.
by Erick Lara June 12, 2007
Another pronunciation of fag, often used by Canadians, mIRC users, and online gamers.
Eh? Don't be such a fooking fayg, okay?
by iTX March 06, 2004
The 1337 way to say fag.
froz3n00 is a fayg.
by brds October 13, 2003
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