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A hairy pussy that is cumming
Sheridan: hey what are you watching?

Mitchell: a girl having a fay fay
by Natzie September 06, 2014
Reffereing to one's or some other's face with vigor.
You stole that rabbit and got caught, my friend. I'm afraid it's time to fayfay the music.

My boyfriend went to the Tandoori Kitchen and brought home a pound of bright orange meat. I can't wait 'til it hits my fayfay.

I saw a beautiful woman on Broadway yesterday. Stunning. The fayfay of an angel!
by JulesyWulesy November 25, 2013
A person who is brown, big, fat, has man boobs, and is usually categorized by ugliness.
Person J: He, WTH is that thing coming at us?!

Person JJ: oh man, thats just fay fay.
by Fay's babe. December 06, 2010
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