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In today's world of computer manipulated images, it's sometimes hard to tell reality from fake. A photograph that has been digitally altered so that it no longer reflects reality is a fauxtograph. Faux is French for "fake" or "false". Can be shortened to fauxto (pronounced foe-toe)
"Did you see that fauxtograph that's floating around the internet of a man with a duck's head?"
by Carol Ward January 15, 2006
Any picture in an online profile that makes fugly people look hotter. (AKA the "Myspace angle")
Guy 1: Yo, Jessica's Myspace picture makes her look hot.
Guy 2: The dumpy girl?
Guy 1: Yeah - total fauxtograph.

Girl 1: You see Jon's facebook profile?
Girl 2: Yeah - he's way hairy in real life, and fat as f*!~.
Girl 1: I know - TOTAL fauxtograph.
by rcalley February 21, 2008
A fauxtograph is a practical joke in which the video setting of a digital camera is used to trick the target into posing for a really long time for what isn't a picture at all.
"Say 'cheese'!"

(person poses)

"You're taking a fauxtograph aren't you? You asshole."
by GrannyPanties December 12, 2007
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