When a generation lacking any clear, unique identity attempts (in inconsistant, questionably sincere and argueably futile ways) to label and define itself and/or it's cultural elements. This is generally characterized by a sort of quiet desperation, thinly veiled hostility and confusion.

Related to but not synonymous with post-moderism aka "po-mo."
Excessive use of labels such as "emo" and "goth" is very faux-mo.
by Magdalen W. February 09, 2007
Top Definition
1. A pre-meditated state of false gayness, aimed at soliciting attention or affection from the opposite sex. See: Girls Gone Wild; Tom Cruise.

2. False diagnosis of male gayness; develops after lingering too long in a friendship-only relationship with a woman you secretly like. Comic hilarity usually ensues. See: Any movie starring Matthew Perry.
Fauxmo's are the new snags.
by peerless October 07, 2005
Slang version of fauxmosexual.
Straight men who act, look, and dress if they're gay, in order to appear cool/attractive/interesting to women.
He's not gay, just a fauxmo.
by MJG October 20, 2003
A man who pretends to be gay, but isn't.
On THREE'S COMPANY, Jack Tripper pretended to be gay. Jack Tripper was a faux 'mo'.
by Montana Man June 17, 2006
(1) a person that identifies as homosexual, yet can be found engaging in sexual activity with the opposite sex, often while exclaiming loudly "it's okay...I'm gay!"
(2) Person of the male sex that portrays strong characteristics of a homosexual male, but is heterosexual, often while exclaiming loudly, "What?! I'm not gay!"
You know, Mathew is such a faux-mo, I totally saw him rubbing Boopie's jubblies behind that dumpster.
by Kumar & Harold September 25, 2008
A standard heterosexual who frequents gay establishments - enjoying the fruits of flattery and affection, but otherwise relishing in the eventual deflection of, "No thanks, I'm straight."
Last night was such a bummer, Steve. I wasted two hours and four drinks trying to get some sausage from a total hunk who turned out to be nothing but a faux mo.
by puswami May 11, 2011
A guy who seems gay, but isn't.
PETER: Joe ax like a total fag, butt, he's married. Is he bisexual?

BOBBY: I think he's just a faux 'mo', you know, a fem man.
by Jack Bozdog June 05, 2006
A man who acts in every way like he is gay yet is actually straight. A step beyond the metro-sexual is the fauxmo.
Gerald's smart outfits and love of design made me think he was gay, but he's dating my friend Kelly so I think he's a fauxmo.
by badams214 November 18, 2008
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