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Portmanteau of "faux" and "philosophy," literally "fake knowledge"

Pertains to any extended and long-winded argument that may make sense, but has absolutely no meaning whatsoever or use in any real-life context.

Also has nothing to do with the actual study of knowledge and metaphysical understanding.
"If you like catgirls, you are a furry."

"Wait, what? Where did that come from? Besides, catgirls have fur on the ears only, while furries are furry everywhere. There's a clear distinction."

"But where is the logical distinction between where furries end and catgirls begin? Is there a limit? If a catgirl has a single strand of fur on her arm, does that make her a furry?" And what is the catgirl transforms into a furry, what is she then? How can we distinguish what is catgirl from what is furry? This is truly the question of our times."

"Your fauxlosophy is ridiculous, and somewhere Aristotle is rolling over in his grave."
by Daem0n October 25, 2011
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