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The act of rocking out to trendy music while wearing white earbuds. Must be in silhouette and in front of bright colors for full effect.
Kyle was fauxhipping to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs when someone remarked, "What a douche!"

Bob wanted to seem cool to his friends, so he grabbed the nearest top 20, his earbuds, and fauxhipped in front of a white wall. Everyone knew he was a fauxhipster, since everyone knows you don't fauxhip in front of white.
by fauxhipster July 13, 2009
a derogatory term used when someone or some place (such as a café) affects a hip exterior but, in essence, is nothing but that exterior.
all these concert posters on the wall give off such a faux-hip feel.
by tsuyoshi September 23, 2007