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The act of pretending to focus.
Person A: Hey want to go watch To Catch a Predator?
Person B: No, I'm focusing on this calculus.
Person A: Come on, I saw an AIM window're totally fauxcusing.

by Study McTool November 24, 2008
Combination of "focus" and "faux," describing the act of pretending to pay attention in class while you're doing something else. Well-timed nods at important assertions and brows furrowed in intellectual curiosity go a long way toward indicating that you are actively engaged in the class conversation. In truth, however, you may be texting, emailing, or shopping for shoes.
Maintaining proper fauxcus, Johnny was walking on the razor's edge: While gorging himself on epic fail videos of kittens trying to pounce on each other, he appeared to the professor to be actively engaged in the class conversation.
by Ae5Ea8 April 05, 2015
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