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Pronounced FO-casm

When someone says something completely retarded and/or stupid and then tries to pass off the statement as being sarcastic, only making them seem even more stupid. Can also be used to mask ignorance/faggotry.

It can be hard to distinguish from actual sarcasm, a good way to tell is if the statement was even remotely funny to begin with, or just plain insensetive.
A: I think 'twin days' at school are just stupid. I think the administration just wants to promote conformity and have everyone be the same.
B: Well, I always I thought it was just a way to spice up school life for a day. It's better than nothing.
A: Yeah, I was, uh.. I was being sarcastic.
B: That there is some pretty straight-up fauxcasm.

C: You did pretty terrible on that Science test, bro. 45%, are you retarded? I mean seriously. How could you have possible failed when the class average was 90%. Dumb shit.
D: Fuck you, my grandma died last night after a week in the hospital with brain cancer, I didn't have enough time to study. What with visiting her in her last few days and all. She didn't even recognize me! *cries*
C: I was being sarcastic.
D: Fuck you and your fauxcasm.
by kikiri May 21, 2009
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