When someone wants to give you their phone number and you "pretend" to enter it into your phone to call them, but really don't and enter a faux (fake) number
A. "Hey, we should hang out some time. Why don't you take my number and call me"
B. "Sure, what are your digits? I'll ring you some time" But, you don't enter their number, you pretend to and enter a faux number
by Joemama13 July 09, 2013
Top Definition
giving a guy the wrong phone number (any number not your own)
C-bomb: I can't believe you just gave that loser your phone number!?

Twaffle: I didn't, I gave him a faux number.

Both: LOL
by gitty76 September 18, 2007
When you give someone a fake phone number, because, well, they're repulsive.
D: Dude, did you just give that fugly-ass girl your phone number?
T: Nah son, I gave her a faux number.
by Hace The Ace September 13, 2007
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