a heavenly combination of white chocolate, cinnamon, and hazelnut, with a shot of espresso all in a wonderful cup of seattle's best coffee at The Canyon Cafe and Bistro at the University of Arizona in the Student Union Memorial Center.
Let's go to Canyon and get a faux shizzle!
by fauxshizzlelover November 30, 2010
Top Definition
n. An inauthentic attempt to appear urban. Also known as "faking the funk."
Vanilla Ice's faux shizzle made MC Hammer look like an o.g.
by Number 6 January 20, 2005
A pretend shizzle. When someone, usually a stoner, says they'll do something they have no intention of doing.
Fred: Yo Mikey, you said you'd help me move my couch!
Mikey: Nah, it was a faux shizzle.
by Mikey The Comic August 18, 2009
A catchphrase that when imitated in person is not anywhere near as funny/cool/entertaining/acceptable as when originally done on TV or in a movie.
Hey, want to go grab some lunch Chet?


Uh huh. Enough of the fauxshizzle jackass, thats so 2002.


by Gorthos September 15, 2008
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