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n. An inauthentic attempt to appear urban. Also known as "faking the funk."
Vanilla Ice's faux shizzle made MC Hammer look like an o.g.
by Number 6 January 20, 2005
A pretend shizzle. When someone, usually a stoner, says they'll do something they have no intention of doing.
Fred: Yo Mikey, you said you'd help me move my couch!
Mikey: Nah, it was a faux shizzle.
by Mikey The Comic August 18, 2009
a heavenly combination of white chocolate, cinnamon, and hazelnut, with a shot of espresso all in a wonderful cup of seattle's best coffee at The Canyon Cafe and Bistro at the University of Arizona in the Student Union Memorial Center.
Let's go to Canyon and get a faux shizzle!
by fauxshizzlelover November 30, 2010
A catchphrase that when imitated in person is not anywhere near as funny/cool/entertaining/acceptable as when originally done on TV or in a movie.
Hey, want to go grab some lunch Chet?


Uh huh. Enough of the fauxshizzle jackass, thats so 2002.


by Gorthos September 15, 2008