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The nickname for MLB pitcher Matt Cain. The tub of lard that pitches for the San Francisco Giants. Is massively overrated by a fluke scoreless streak in the 2010 postseason, despite catching every possible break and having horrible secondary stats to back up the performance. Also overrated for his regular season numbers that are proven to be extremely lucky and a product of being a fly ball pitcher in a pitchers park. See: fluke trash
Uneducated fan: dood did you see matt cain pitch 6.2 scoreless innings in the playoffs?? he is GOD!!! BETTER THAN LINCECUM HE DIDNT HAVE A SCORELESS STREAK

Educated fan: who the hell is matt cain? You mean fatt cain, the fatass fluke piece of trash on the giants?
by orpheuS. November 03, 2010
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