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A phrase commonly used in the world of sports. Most commonly refers to a player or event that at first glance seems perfectly legitimate, but upon closer examination is just a steaming pike of fluke trash. In other words, they are a fraud, a joke, a loser, garbage, etc. Some examples of fluke trash in the sports world are the San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series title, Scott Kazmir, Miles Austin, Barry Zito, Rebecca Black, and of course the biggest fluke trash of them all, fatt cain.
Uneducated Fan: Yo dood! Matt Cain is so good! He had a scoreless streak where he averaged 5 innings a start in the playoffs for 3 games! Hooray hes our ace!

Educated Fan: Yawn, his name is Fatt Cain, and he sucks, is not even close to our real ace, Tim Lincecum, and is a fat piece of fluke trash.


Tampa Bay Rays GM circa 2007: Man we really hosed the mets in that scott kazmir deal! Dudes a stud!

Tampa Bay Rays GM circa 2011: STFU
by orpheu$ July 27, 2011
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