the fat roll located above the crotch area
"OMG! look at the FATCH! you can see it through her jeans!"
by sanjia March 11, 2007
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Fat + Bitch = Fatch.
That fatch not only ate all my food, she beat the shit out of me too.
by kd February 24, 2004
a term commonly used inplace of face & of course meaning face.
you got blood on your fatch.
"get out of my fatch, bitch!"
by PinkLOVESme October 11, 2006
Fat & Dutch. A fat Dutchman/Dutchwoman, esp. one whose ego is just ridiculously too big given his rather noobish status in general life. Also an epic nickname to be given to just about anyone.
ex 1. Ew, look at Mobi over there, he's such a Fatch.
ex 2. Yo, Fatch wazzzzzzzaaaaaa!?
by YouGuys January 09, 2014
A fat snatch! Not a camel toe, but a moose knuckle. Fat lips.
Damn, that girl has a fatch!
by Gabeth May 18, 2014
Fatch is the act of eating out a girl who's vagina is so disgusting that you throw up on it, and then you eat the throw up. The face made while eating fatch is commonly referred to as the fatch face.
Oh my god, I can't believe how close Nick came to fatch!
by jed h July 26, 2008
Is a single word for the term 'fat bitch'.
That fatch Cristina got punched in the face by that Jersey Shore lookin skank for kissing her exboyfriend.
by Ummster April 29, 2010
its an italian word for face. usually used to describe an ugly one here in the u.s. ugly one.
yo man, her fatch is absurd!
by dann April 16, 2004

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