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little chubby cheeked thingy. Claims to be of black origin but is actually very white. Very calm and can handle stressful situations with ease. With awesomeness. Has no control over her facial features toungue is usually hanging out. Fatbears dont have real babies only food babies after meals. Fatbear food babies are usually gone within half an hour after eating. Everybody loves her.
Hey is that a fatbear?!
Wow look at her food baby!
Its fine shes awesome it wont be there for long.

I'd like fatbear to help me with my stress at work.
by Chartrine December 31, 2009
5 Words related to fatbear
1. a large fat man who couldn't coach the Pittsburgh Steeler to a victory over a pop-warner team

2. A large fan man who couldn't coach the New York Yankees to a victory over a little league team and thinks it's funny to bean his players.

If Fat Bear wasn't our coach we might have won some fucking games.
by Ball sack blahosaphat June 21, 2006

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