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The best type of sandwich in the world. Originated at Rutgers University by a college student looking for a late night snack. He took a hero roll and thew basically all types of greasy foods in it (french fries, chicken fingers, mozzerella sticks, gyro meat,) along with sauces (honey mustard, mayo, ketchup, marinarra). Comes in a large number of varities, and most have a funny name, such as the fat bitch, the fat mojo, the fat dyke, the fat night ie. If you eat 6 of these in one sitting you get to rename the sandwich.
Matt was hungry so he went to the grease trucks and got a fat sandwiches.
by Lando Calriddian April 06, 2006
A Sexual position where two people have sexual intercourse while tightly squeezed inbetween two obese men
"I broke up with my girlfriend because she didn't want to have a fat sandwich"
by Penguin Sentence January 05, 2012
When a fat girl sits on your face.
I was so drunk I wanted to hump that big bitch, but all she would give me was a fat sandwich.
by Anonymous43551274 December 13, 2007
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