Fat lip or Fat lipping happens when a couple is interupted while making out, either by a room mate, a parent, etc, and one person gets hit in the mouth with an elbow.

Dude, I was totally making out with her, and then my Bro walked in and she totally gave me a Fat Lip

She totally Fat Lipped me.
by Mace and Kans July 10, 2008
when some bitch kicks a girl in the vajayjay.
Caroline- "I snuck up behind some hoe that i hated, and gave her a fat lip. She can't have sex for a week."
by jaqueisha April 27, 2009
what happens when you bite your lip under anesthesia
Owww...man I hope I never get a fat lip again.
by Raven January 01, 2003
When a man or a woman, who has recently had a close encouter with posions ivy, performs cunnilingus on a woman. A sudden swelling in that region is known as the FAT LIP.

fat lip

This also works with heavy petting. Her labia lips will swell. A la, the fat lip.
Teddy came home with poision ivy last night, and gave Tina a fat lip.
by Kate1982 August 22, 2006
When female genitalia becomes erectated like a male, except without a penis(replaced by vagina)
hey Latonya, do you have a fat lip, or are u packing?
by Goose September 29, 2004

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