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A term used online to describe someone who trolls, but hates being trolled. The origin of this term comes from Burnout: Paradise, where a GT Nighthawk is referred to by this nickname. This is not just because of the car, but also an insult to the person driving it, since like fat lions, they are fierce up close, but cannot run for very long, and usually cannot catch their prey.
The fat lion was going real fast to takedown an SI-7, but at the last second, his VTEC kicked in and he accidentally a wall.
#internet tough guy #butthurt #troll #burnout #douchebag
by stiffshifter March 08, 2010
a noob on a video game that generally drives the fastest strongest car on the game, talks shit to just about everyone, then leaves the room when they get butt hurt by a Hydros or SI-7. These people usually play 1st person shooters & rave about how great they are.
"Dude, that fat lion just got butt hurt by that SI-7!"
#internet tough guy #doosh bag #doosh #jerk #arctic doosh
by TunerFocus March 02, 2010
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