Shortening of the words "feet" and "ass" referring to how something smells.
Open a window you nasty motherfucker, it smells like fass in here.
by Gamblar December 09, 2006
verb. 1. when you get 0/0 on any extra credit assignment. 2. when you are talking about a test, quiz, or other school related assignment, and a parent walks in.
1. Friend: Yeah, I didn't do the spanish wordsearch that Sra. **** gave out.
You: Really? I fassed it too!

2. Friend: so how'd you do on the social studies quiz in Mr. ********'s class?
You: Oooooh... I totally f...(parent walks in)..assed it! it was soooooo easy! Hi Mom!
by Prplman May 14, 2009
fat ass!!!!
damn fat asses
wow! that chick has a fass
by lars hines April 09, 2005
short for fucking ass
Dad, ur such a fass
by Bob February 13, 2004

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