A derogatory word used for people who when at shows care more about looking good and being seen than the music. Common misconception and closemindedness have made alot of people think it's people who wear tight jeans or put effort into their appearance. Wrong, it is not the kids who look good or care about their aesthetics. It's the kids who go to shows and don't give a fuck about the music; they are only there to show off their clothes, check out what everyone else is wearing, and go on about how they seen whoever before they sold out, or how they seen '_____' and they where phenomanal. These kids are usually found near the back with cameras, snapping pictures of the band but usually just themselves and friends. You can easily tell who they are because they've never so much as moved during a show and fix their hair every few seconds despite the fact that they haven't moved enough for it to be ruined.
Kid in the Pit: Look at all those fashioncore idiots standing around pretentiously they represent everything I hate in the music industry.
by FilthIsFun August 28, 2008
deroogatory term for people--usually girls--who combine scene/emo styles and culture with popular styles in an attempt to look ARTSY and ORIGINAL (often looks like they copied whatever is on Taget's ad posters or ads from Seventeen stitch for stich)
fashioncore: scene girl w/septum ring wearing mukluks, uggs, tight sweaters, hideous and expensive boots, a little eco friendly book bag (loves to talk in a husky voice about ART and ORIGINALITY and how much REALITY SUCKS)
Also: a scene kid wearing in-style/preppy clothes or whatever the fashion models in teen magazines are wearing
by Headache636 December 02, 2008
In the music scene, The breed of show-go-ers/ scene kids that dress themselves based solely upon the type of music they listen to, or the people they hang out with. Usually this is marked by ridculously scene hair, tight pants for guys, clearly marked hardcore band shirts, and lots of bad make-up for the girls.
Scene kid #1- "Did you see that Jack dyed his hair jet black and cut it so it's always in his eyes??"
Scene kid #2- "Oh I'm not even worried, with these tight jeans and eyeliner, I'm so more fashion-core than he'll ever be.."
by boycottmcdonalds August 09, 2006
fashioncore is..well how can i say it..bullshit. having to have ur hair a certain length, ur belt double or single studded, and havin a competition at shows for whos got the tightest pants instead of watchin the band. it is probably the most retarded thing since the word "scene"
hey that track jacket is so fashioncore
by tio February 02, 2005
From what i see fashioncore is the people that dress "hardcore"/"emo"/"rocker" and shop at places like H&M for everything but still hang around with "chavs"/"neds"/"townies" and listen to bands such as "Panic! at the disco"/"fallout boy"/"we are scientists" and some indie bands but actually know nothing of any music "deeper" than these bands and even then, only listen to these bands because they think it's cool and don't actually like it.
yesterday i saw one of THE most Chavvy girls in my school in a grey hoody with black spots on that they sell in H&M where i know plenty of people that actually like "emo"/"hardcore"/"rocker" music shop and that the shop is aimed at... or was aimed at... instead of the fashioncore fags that shop there now.

(that was abit of a rant sorry, but this is my interpretation)
by Oli a smole lover indeed October 05, 2006
n. genre of music derived from old school hardcore focusing mainly on style and aesthetics rather than the traditional ideals of brotherhood and unity

adj. of or pertaining to fashioncore as a genre.
Eighteen Visions' album 'Vanity' is the epitome of fashioncore.

That fashioncore kid has black and blond dyed hair with long bangs but spiked up at the back. I envy his awesome style and his tight pants.
by xbloodlossx June 18, 2004
the biggest poser metal scene EVER. a scene that has guys wearing shirts that don't fit, girl's jeans, pink or white belts, if they need glasses then big black frames, and gay haircuts. the biggest posers of metal, none of them know any music what so ever. the newest punk genre. punk-emo-fashioncore.
see any fashioncore kids, beat the sh*t out of them.
by Jared M. September 09, 2005

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