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when describing a group or individual involved in racism any extreme right wing views. fascist pigs should be muttered at the end of the sentance after even mentioning them.
So you believe that we shouldnt drop third world dept and that you think blacks should stay in africa. fascist pig

Dont vote for the BNP party, fascist pigs
by caguetou June 07, 2005
The cops. They're self-selecting right-wing fascist pigs who like to beat up pot smokers, hippies and anarchists.
Here come the fascist pigs, put away the pot Bobby.
by Wilders January 26, 2008
A person, or group of persons who via the coercive power of government, force their opinions and beliefs on others in ways that are illogical, unfair and most often harmful. Its generally used towards Right-Winged politicians or cops; generally because of the way the left-wing smear their enemies. Generally, the left-wingers do the same thing, get into office and make laws that hurt and oppress and usually they claim that anyone who points this out is racist or a fascist pig.
Go back to DC Fascist Pigs!
by Rothbert August 29, 2008
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