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when describing a group or individual involved in racism any extreme right wing views. fascist pigs should be muttered at the end of the sentance after even mentioning them.
So you believe that we shouldnt drop third world dept and that you think blacks should stay in africa. fascist pig

Dont vote for the BNP party, fascist pigs
by caguetou June 07, 2005
potugese for the word snitch. Made famous by a rebelious left wing dude named coddy and also by a track called follow me, follow me by tejo, black alien and speed
quem que caguetou? translated to who is the snitch?
by caguetou June 07, 2005
An image you cant avoid when you where a bandana, a hoody, a big coat with some tinted shades.
I descovered i looked like a neo nazi pirate after i was jumped by communists
by caguetou June 07, 2005
the two greatest ideologies come together to make the most awsome collection of beliefs in the world. They basicly believe against authority, racism, religion and inequality. There is also capitalist arnarchism but i have no idea how or why that would exsist.
Lets go start a riot at the G8 meetin in scotland this summer in the name of leftist arnarchy.
by caguetou June 07, 2005

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