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A cute girl capable of discovering and pointing out the Silver Lining in all of life's conundrums.
"Today just sucked! I need a beer!"
"Could be worse. You could've been hit by lighting."
"Well, aren't you a cheery little Faryn."
#silver #lining #bright side #worse #devastation
by MCMXCIX January 18, 2014
a girl who loves music, especially guitar, and also is very beautiful with long dark hair and dark piercing eyes and lots of tattoos and piercings but not only is she beautiful she is also very intelligent and people are jealous of her
"hey its faryn"
"i know... i wanna cut her skin off and wear it"
"...i know what you mean"
#beautiful #intelligent #piercing #tattoo #music #guitar #dark
by illesque August 12, 2012
a really outgoing girl. she loves taylor swift and has really pretty hair. She is very pretty and sometimes doesn't take compliments well. i love her, but she can be sassy<3
"hey faryn you look good today"
"what ashley is my hair messed up or something"
*shakes head and walks away*
#outgoing #taylor swift #pretty #love #sassy
by atibb May 16, 2011
A girl who is a bum, lives with her parents, and likes to get naughty in public, and loves Pookie.
Woah she just did a Faryn!
#dog #cat #rawr #bark #meow
by Pookkiiiie April 15, 2009
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