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One who farts in a spartan manner. One who farts frequently and shows a cavalier attitude about it. A coneseur of rectal wind.
after ripping a huge fart, Simon exclaimed " I AM FARTICUS"
by Mattsolit February 23, 2006
Friends who take the blame for a fart they clearly did not let out.
George was out with his girlfriend at a friends bar and was having a good a time until he farted loudly. Before he could take ownership, his friend proudly exclaimed, "It was I who let out that loud fart!" Bill was a true Farticus that day.
by FireZombie October 10, 2014
From the Ancient Greek terms of endearment...Means a cherished one; someone like no other...
Greeting: "Yo, farticus!"
by philbo July 19, 2004
A girl who has been proclaimed so because she has farted on someone while taking their virginity.
Haha. Dude that's her, Farticus!
by HinduFireCrotch January 09, 2010
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