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3 definitions by Mattsolit

One who farts in a spartan manner. One who farts frequently and shows a cavalier attitude about it. A coneseur of rectal wind.
after ripping a huge fart, Simon exclaimed " I AM FARTICUS"
by Mattsolit February 23, 2006
Instafire: To be fired instantly. An immediate, without question, brutal firing. to be fired or to fire someone in an instant.
If Alan does not stop emailing me stupid crap, my boss is going to have instafire me.

Getting caught with a kilo of coke in my office would result in instifire
by Mattsolit February 24, 2006
noun; a delicious belgian white ale flavored with corriander seed and orange peel. Wit has high alcohol frequently due to added sugars, most notably belgian 'candi' sugar (a beet sugar).
Blue Moon is a delicious, but mass produced, belgian wit beer.
by Mattsolit February 23, 2006