Farticles are the actual particles particles that the olfactory cortex perceives in the event of a fart fart.

When Tina farted on me, I was bombarded with stinky farticles.
by Epsom Salt March 07, 2009
A particulate entity, usually airborne, which has taken on an odor resembling a recent flatulent release.
Although it was several minutes since he had cut the cheese, the farticles remained in circulation for some time, making the room uninhabitable.
by Johnny Law 17 January 16, 2009
When one releases a fart and tiny poo particles come out.
At a party...
Friend 1: "Dude we gotta go, I just released some serious farticles."
Friend 2: "What is a farticle?"
Friend 1: "It means I farted and a little poo particles came out."
Friend 2: "Gross."


Roommate 1:"Dude thanks for leaving farticles on my pillow last night...now I have pink eye."
Roommate 2:"Ohh no problem man, anytime."
by dirtyhippiesarah March 30, 2010
Particles of fecal matter that are expelled through the anus and suspended in surrounding air
That man just passed gas while my mouth was open and I think I tasted some farticles.
by rubysue419 September 26, 2014
Small accidental excretion of faeces following involuntary fart.
He alighted the bus and as he did so, in his hurry, he broke wind. His embarrassment doubled as he sat and realised a small farticle remained.
by doug nicholls March 28, 2004
The particles released when you fart.
I'm smelling some raunchy farticles
by peprikaspice February 27, 2011
Small, usually airborne parts of a fart. derived from particles. we are talking molecular level
after a fart has been ripped, a farticle will become airborne and eventually settle on, for instance, the surface of the lungs.
by Cees van Cleef May 15, 2007
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