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The hole inbetween your butt cheeks. At certain times of the day, your fart hole will "exhale" or "throw up". It is also a funnier more creative way of saying asshole.
1. That bitch is gettin' it right up her fart hole

2. A boy wakes up with a painful fart hole, a handful of quarters, and no recollection of last night.
by chicken_mc'_snicklefritz February 19, 2011
Yet another slang term for the anus.
"Someone needs to hammer a cork into your farthole."
by D-san July 12, 2003
the anus
poop and farts excrete from my fart hole.
by dfg January 03, 2004
an asshat, a shit stain, a fuck nut. in other words, a loser
you little fart hole, you broke my Jimi Hendrix album!
by dfg January 03, 2004
The laughable oversized exhaust pipe that sticks out the back of a pseudo pimped car.
I just put a new farthole on my GEO metro, and am ready take on a corvette.
by Chefrick August 21, 2005