The laughable oversized exhaust pipe that sticks out the back of a pseudo pimped car.
I just put a new farthole on my GEO metro, and am ready take on a corvette.
by Chefrick August 21, 2005
Top Definition
Yet another slang term for the anus.
"Someone needs to hammer a cork into your farthole."
by D-san July 12, 2003
the anus
poop and farts excrete from my fart hole.
by dfg January 03, 2004
The hole inbetween your butt cheeks. At certain times of the day, your fart hole will "exhale" or "throw up". It is also a funnier more creative way of saying asshole.
1. That bitch is gettin' it right up her fart hole

2. A boy wakes up with a painful fart hole, a handful of quarters, and no recollection of last night.
by chicken_mc'_snicklefritz February 19, 2011
an asshat, a shit stain, a fuck nut. in other words, a loser
you little fart hole, you broke my Jimi Hendrix album!
by dfg January 03, 2004
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