Someone who farts on tv or on their CD!
Lindsay Lohan is a farter (TV-Wise)
Hilary Duff Is a farter (CD-Wise)
by Erin Wakey Balowey February 07, 2004
A person who procrastinates or cannot finish a task in a timely manner. Someone who farts around.
We've been here two hours,stop being a farter and let's go!
by Alchemex May 09, 2008
farter aka lottie d smelly lil gyal hu farted in r german class an den tried 2 blame it on d chair. den did it agen n tried 2 blame it on d desk! hhhmmmmm! lol bt we love er! <3 <3
A: did u jus fart?
L: NO! it was d chair
K: y u gon red?
L: coz ur makin it out as if its me an its not an its jus...
A: we no it was u!
L: NO it wasnt it was d chair
K: its ok we know
L: jus drop it guys
A: u already av
K: was it u?
L: i wil tel u l8er
K: oops my cd jus skipped....
A: ... an every1 heard u let 1 rip!
A+K: hahahahahahhhahahahahaahahha
by science geek! February 05, 2005
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