one who expels gas from their arse.
Todd is such a farter! He never holds them in
by Joe August 05, 2004
Top Definition
British Army slang for a sleeping bag. So-called from the best method of warming the bag up...
"Right, farters out, and get some gonk"
by Champers April 30, 2005
A nice tight ladies posterior
look at the FARTER on that!!!
by Cammy and Sparks July 14, 2005
n. Someone who farts excessively and thus smells like fart all the time.
Pe-eww! That chick is a farter fo' sho'.
by Rastamuffin June 04, 2010
Someone who farts so much that their pants smell farty.
John is such a farter. His room smells farty for days
by Farty May 13, 2004
A ugly girl, usually fat and homely (Ugly)
Ohh look at her, shes a farter.
by aite June 09, 2007
a word commonly used to discribe the arsehole also see rangers end, dung funnel, mince pot, shiter, gas chamber.
that clatty cunt takes it up the farter!
by technoslut November 06, 2005
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