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an unkempt stinking beard with remnants of aged food
I'm glad Josh shaved off that fartbeard, he was a fucking stinking mess!
by Gerald Vandenhoek May 18, 2007
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a stinking rotten mess of a beard that hasn't been trimmed or washed in a long time. A beard with moldy foodstuffs that goes unnoticed by it's wearer.
Whoa Josh!!! You gotta shave that fartbeard off, NOW!!! Rumour has it that you're a homeless pervert!
by Josh Joseph Delaney May 24, 2007
The significant other to which a man or woman blames an obvious fart (noun); to blame a self-made fart on a significant other - or possibly a family pet (verb).
Hey now, don't beard that fart on me bebe - or -He was cool to claim the blame, but I was sitting next to her - I think he was her fart beard.
by mfrogz June 30, 2015

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