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A fart nugget accours when you are with a group of friends and you feel a little gas coming on. You feel very excited because you want to but on a good show for you friends. You push extremly hard and then, pooooop, you shit your pants with a hard turd. Luckly for you, you can make a swift move to 2 restroom before anyone notices becasue your ass wont we wet and brown, only brown. You should be able to clean you panties with a few sheets of Toile paper. If there is no brown left on your white panties, CONGRADULATIONS, you have succsefully ddroped a "Fart Nugget"
Damn sue i think I just released a fart nugget.
by Mic August 05, 2004
when you pass gas and shit comes out
"Aww man theres a fart nugget in my pants i shouldn't have pushed so hard."
name for those kids that smell like shit 24/7
dude1~dude, wut a fartnugget.
by my@sshurtz October 08, 2003
What you find in your pants after an especially grievous fart. Unexpected, surprising. Can be used to describe an undesirable person.
Whew! Whatta stench! Did you check your drawers for a fartnugget? or: Did you just drop a fartnugget?
by Pdnny October 12, 2008
the end product when you laugh so hard that a little poop comes out.
I think, I think I just pooped myself a little. Now that's a fart nugget right there! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
by athena2hermes December 13, 2010
the nugget size turds that are blown out of your butt when you fart
that dog over there just made a fart nugget
by tails4u April 27, 2011
an insult toward someone, when you would prefer to not swear.
"You fart nugget (taking the place of bitch)! You cheated on me with Cindy!
by moonlightalley February 04, 2011
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