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To stroll while farting in order to avoid just standing there in your own stench. Similar to crop dusting, except this is not meant to be malicious.
...note left in office cubicle: "Be back soon. Needed to take a fart walk"
by brothermike October 12, 2005
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When you fart every time you take a step.
Oh my God, I just had a severe case of fart walk. I feel sorry for everyone on that stairwell.
by DrRoy1 January 23, 2011
A short walk with the sole purpose of passing gas so that your significant other cannot hear/smell it
Before I went to bed with my girlfriend, I took a fart walk to the kitchen first.
by Jibblit April 10, 2011
To fart as you walk. Usually done to avoid stinking up a specific place, or while walking, where the smell goes away with the wind anyway so you don't care. Sometimes, however, the smell follows you, rendering this technique useless.
John got up and fartwalked on his way to the to the bathroom. He really needed to take a shit.
by jrapeface November 13, 2013

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