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Inspired by the french boys name Far-Ron,
This Girl Is Usually Blonde, Blue Eyes, Swedish/german lookingand in fact, short!
This girl is simply gorgeous!
-Wow, That Girls Sooo Pretty, its hard to describe it.
-I'd Say she was Faron!
by Sarah-wiiiii January 24, 2007
To completely veg out whilst playing WoW...may also include, but is not limited to ruining your relationships, driving a wedge between yourself and your children or missing them grow up completely.
Dude, I totally Faron'd for about a year and got my shaman to level 85.
by anon199234 January 18, 2011
1. a black male with speech and hearing impediments

2. wide reciever with sonar abilities

3. superhero

4. Disease: farrongitis
1.) Damn did you see faron catch that ball!!!

2.) Five little Farons Flew to the Flea Market
by Zammm October 16, 2007